ChopSlide cutting board with stainless steel containers
ChopSlide cutting board for food preparation
ChopSlide Cutting Board
Onion chopping board with containers
Practical wooden cutting board with containers
Cutting board with feet
Wooden cutting board with attached food prep containers
Cutting board with containers
Cutting board with containers - ChopSlide Kitchen Board
Cutting board with storage
Beautiful Cutting board
Cutting Board with Containers - Compact Size
Cutting Board with Stainless Steel Containers - ChopSlide
Cutting board with containers - ChopSlide Kitchen Board
Cutting board with containers - ChopSlide Kitchen Board
Cutting board with containers - ChopSlide Kitchen Board

Cutting board with containers - ChopSlide Kitchen Board

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Food prep isn’t always a labour of love. Especially not on those nights when you’re short on time, after a long day at work, and dinner needs to be on the table. You know, when you’re slicing and dicing like the pro you wish you were, and a good portion of your prep ends up on the floor rather than in the frying pan? And the compost or trash is always JUST out of reach? By the time you get everything on the go, the counter is a disaster and you’re bound to spend just as much time cleaning up as you did making the mess.

That’s where the ChopSlide kitchen board comes to the rescue. Where typical cutting boards are too thin and small for the task, the unique design of the ChopSlide kitchen board offers ample workspace with convenient stainless steel prep containers that easily slide in and out of the cutting board edge – keeping your hard work exactly where it belongs.

Gone are the days where your countertop is littered with bowls, pots, and bits of food everywhere – and a chopping board that refuses to stay put. Made out of 100 per cent Canadian maple wood, the ChopSlide cutting board’s clever stabilizing feet prevents movement of the board while you work, giving you a clear advantage over the vegetables, meat, poultry, or fish that you are preparing. The solid design will give you confidence in your technique and comfort in knowing that you’ll have far less accidents with sharp utensils – making the ChopSlide cutting board ideal for beginners and young chefs! Size of the Large cutting board is 19x12x1.5" and the Compact size is 13x10x1.5". Large ChopSlide Cutting Board comes in two models: End Grain ChopSlide and Edge Grain ChopSlide

The ChopSlide cutting board with stainless steel containers saves you time and kitchen space 
ChopSlide is carefully designed so the top of each container sits just below board level allowing you to chop and slide your ingredients effortlessly into one of several prep containers. The positioning of the containers makes it impossible to drop or spill food – just slide your knife or prep instrument across the surface of the board directly into the container and move on.

Chopslide is ideal for small spaces
This contemporary, modular container design instantly adds extra space to cramped quarters. Instead of taking up precious counter area, the ChopSlide cutting board cleverly allows for each container to conveniently hang from the edge of the board, freeing up your workspace for other things. The stainless steel prep containers smoothly slide in and out of the lip of the ChopSlide cutting board. Who doesn’t want more counter space?

From the stainless steel container, you can effortlessly transfer the chopped food into a cooking pot or pan, store it for later use, or serve fresh. You can do this any number of times with all of the containers so you can easily and efficiently prepare a quick meal for one – or a huge dinner for your guests.

Order and use any number of additional containers of varying sizes
Aside from the four containers included in the chopping board set, you can order as many as you need! After you fill one container, simply slide it out and replace it with another. These containers store perfectly in the fridge or freezer. Additionally, you can use one container for storing compost/garbage leftovers. With one swipe of your knife or hand, slide the chopped vegetables into one container and the scraps into the other.

The unique design of ChopSlide makes food preparation faster and leaves you with more room on your kitchen counter. The convenience of the cutting board with containers will make you fall in love with cooking again and the ChopSlide your most loved and frequently used kitchen tool!

Durable Canadian maple wood with a handle and rubber feet for extra grip
Sourced and built in Canada from 100% Canadian maple hardwood, ChopSlide cutting boards are one and half inches thick. The widely known durability of Canadian maple and the sturdy design provide the best cutting board for all your food prep needs. Each board is robust and easy to place where it’s needed most. Unlike other wooden chopping boards with glued on or otherwise attached handles, our product has inset handles – impossible to break, yet providing a great grip. And once you place ChopSlide on your counter it stays put, thanks to the smart rubber feet on the bottom. Moving these boards around the kitchen, handling, and washing them is super easy. For maintenance and improved resistance to knife marks and moisture absorption, we suggest using ChopSlide wood protection oil twice a month (oil sold separately in our store).

Unbreakable stainless steel containers with a multitude of uses

Professional-grade stainless steel food prep containers
High-grade food storage containers are difficult to come by. You won’t find them for your kitchen unless you work in a professional restaurant. ChopSlide storage containers offer you the best quality: they’re easy to cleandon’t harbour bacteria, and are designed exactly for this purpose. The cutting-edge design of the containers and the material give the cutting board a cool and modern look, a compliment to any kitchen. There are three sizes of containers included with each Large cutting board: 6.5x6.5x4" (one container), 6.5x4.25x4" (one container) and 6.5x4.25x2.5" (two containers). Compact Size Cutting Board comes with three containers 6.5x4.25x2.5"

Unbreakable containers
Unlike other materials that will crack, corrode, and break over time, the ChopSlide stainless steel container is durable,light,and easy to use – andwon’t break if dropped. Included with the Large ChopSlide set are two small, one medium, and one large container. Included with Compact ChopSlide are three small containers.

Multitude of uses
The ChopSlide stainless steel food containers are excellent for wet and dry food prep, and can be used for storage in refrigerators and freezers. When you’re not in use with your chopping board, you can use them to store ice cream, sauces, salad dressings – whatever you can think of – without fear of bacterial contamination. They come in several different depths/volumes and can be nested neat and snuggly when not in use, taking up very little space in your cupboard.

Built to last a lifetime
Maintain your ChopSlide properly and we offer you a lifetime warranty on all our cutting boards.

Expand your work area and cook fresh again
The ChopSlide cutting board with containers is an affordable, professional-level kitchen tool that saves you time and space. The set includes the Canadian maple wooden cutting board, as well as two small, one medium, and one large stainless steel storage container. The Compact ChopSlide set includes three small containers.

The ChopSlide kitchen cutting board will turn food prep from a chore into the fun and enjoyable activity it should be!

Order now, explore the clever technical features of the board, put on an apron and cook fresh again.